U.S. Citizenship Exam Prep

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This course is presented by the Minnesota Literacy Council and is designed to help students prepare for the civics portion of the United States Naturalization (Citizenship) Test. These eight separate modules focus on a specific U.S. History and Government topic. Lesson material for each of these civics lessons are presented using a variety of formats (audio, diagrams, videos, etc.) to keep the lesson entertaining and the student engaged. Interactive quizzes are integrated into each lesson which provide students with a skills check prior to advancing on to the next lesson. Practice reading and writing tests are also incorporated into this course in multiple locations to assist students with preparing for these sections of the citizenship exam using the content presented in the civics lessons.

Note: There are portions of this course that discuss the current politicians for the state of Minnesota. Please keep in mind that each applicant is required to know the governor of their respective state, representatives, and senators during the civics section of the U.S. Naturalization Test. Links to directories for all U.S. Senators, Representatives, and Governors are provided in the Resources section.

Course Goals/Objectives

  • Discuss the principles of American democracy
  • Overview the three branches of government and the roles and responsibilities of each
  • Explore the rights of citizens versus those of non-citizens
  • Review American history: Colonial Period and Independence, the 1800's, and recent American history
  • Explore the geography of the United States
  • Examine national symbols and holidays and the significance of each
Note: Course lessons and modules can be viewed without registration to the Minnesota Literacy Council site. Registration is not required for study or participation. If you are prompted to login, simply click "Login in as a Guest" to continue on to the lesson material. Students do have the option to register for a free username in order to access the review quizzes at the end of the course. These review quizzes DO NOT count towards earning a completion badge. Students must still complete the Drive assessment for this class in order to obtain the respective badge.

Publisher Website: www.mnliteracy.org