Introduction to the Internet

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This introductory course provides a guide through the basics of Internet use, while also providing up-to-date information on the latest online tools and technologies.

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Course Goals/Objectives

  • Provide students with a brief overview of the Internet and discuss fundamental concepts such as networks, servers, and clients. 
  • Discuss the manner in which the Internet is used today: blogs, social networking, instant messaging, VoIP, and media.
  • Introduce Internet terminology and concepts such as: bandwidth, different types of Internet service, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), home networking, and mobile phone Internet access. 
  • Discuss navigating the Web with a browser, downloading files, bookmarking your favorite websites, tabbed browsing, plug-ins, and more. 
  • Learn the basics of using a search engine, as well as some techniques you can use to get better search results.

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