Introduction to E-mail

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Are you new to e-mail? Perhaps you are wondering just how people communicate online? This introductory course will teach you the basics about e-mail, including understanding how e-mail works, where you get e-mail service from, and how you communicate properly and safely online.

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Course Goals/Objectives

  • Learn what e-mail is, how it compares to traditional mail, and how e-mail addresses are written. We'll also discuss various types of e-mail providers and the features and tools they include with an e-mail account. 
  • Introduce using an e-mail interface to send and receive messages. We'll also discuss various terms, actions, and features that are commonly used when working with e-mail. 
  • Introduce the basics of online calendars and contacts lists using examples from the top webmail providers: Gmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail. 
  • Discuss writing more effective e-mails using good e-mail etiquette, both for personal use and in the workplace. We'll also talk about different strategies for using e-mail safely.

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