Internet Safety

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Just as you learn about safety when learning how to drive a car, it is important to learn how to navigate the Internet safely as you expand your online skills. The Internet is an incredible resource for accessing millions of resources for entertainment, staying in touch with friends and family, learning, finding a job, reading the news, shopping, or selling a product.  However, since there are millions of people in this online community, there are likely to be some risks to using the Internet.  This course provides information on these risks and how you can avoid them.

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Course Goals/Objectives

  • This course will introduce you to the threats associated with using the Internet and the basic strategies for addressing the threats when using the Internet.
  • The curriculum provides tips on identifying and avoiding e-mail scams and spam.
  • You will learn strategies for identifying websites that are secure when shopping online, smart social networking, and using mobile devices safely.

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