Guide to Buying a Home

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Be it ever so humble, the "biggest" purchase you ever make may be your home. Unlike most other consumer purchases, a home is expected to be more than a living space; it is also an asset that stores and increases value. The house has a dual financial role as both a nest and a nest egg. This course serves to be an educational overview of the potentially overwhelming process of buying a home, including how to determine what home is the best fit, financing options, the purchase process, and avoiding foreclosure.

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Course Goals/Objectives

  • Explain the different types of building structures for residential dwellings
  • Discuss the various types of ownership structures
  • Identify the factors that lenders use to evaluate potential borrowers for mortgage credit
  • Outline the components of a buyer's inspection checklist
  • Explain the potential effects of business cycles, unemployment, and inflation on the housing market
  • Define what a down payment is and what effects it has on other housing costs
  • Calculate the monthly mortgage payment based on the interest rate, loan maturity, and the principal balance
  • Distinguish between a fixed-rate and an adjustable-rate mortgage and explain how each effects the monthly payment and interest rate
  • Recognize potential closing costs
  • Identify the components of a purchase and sale agreement
  • Discuss the financing events that may be encountered during the maturity of a mortgage
  • Define the borrower's and the lender's responsibilities to the mortgage
  • Explain the consequences of defaulting on a mortgage and overview the term foreclosure
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