Evaluating Web Pages

Is this course right for me?

You can expect to find anything and everything available on the Internet: articles, reviews, full-text documents, academic courses, hoaxes, frivolous and serious personal pages, commercials, scholarly papers, reference sources, scientific reports, etc. With the entire Web available at our fingertips, the question becomes: how do you sort through it all? This course will serve as a general guide to help you to evaluate the search results returned by a search engine, examine the content of a Web page, and ultimately decide if the Web page is appropriate for your purpose.

Course Goals/Objectives

  • Learn the composition of and how to read Web addresses, also known as URLs (Universal Resource Locators). 
  • Introduce commonly recognized top-level domains, as well as domain names that have either only recently been placed into operation or are expected to be in operation relatively soon. Learn the significance of and how to determine Web page authorship. 
  • Discover why it is essential to examine the content of Web pages and how to do so.