Small Business Cybersecurity

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With the continual advancement and adoption of technology, every business is dependent upon computers and the Internet in some form or fashion. Although these technological advancements have paved the way for millions of businesses to produce larger marketing campaigns, expand customer bases, multiply production figures, generate increased revenues, and cultivate an overall influence among local, national, and global markets, they have also escalated their vulnerability to cyber threats and crimes. Website tampering, theft of data, and malicious code and viruses are among the most commons types of information security threats and can all wreak havoc on small businesses. Typically, large businesses possess the resources necessary to secure their systems and information, thus making small businesses the easier and more common target. This training exercise serves to present a foundational overview of cybersecurity, assist users with risk assessment, and provide resources on how business owners can defend their businesses from cyber threats.

Course Goals/Objectives

  • Define cybersecurity
  • Explain the importance of securing information through best cybersecurity practices
  • Identify types of information that should be secured and how to do so
  • Identify types of cyber threats 
  • Define risk management and complete a risk assessment
  • Identify best practices for guarding against cyber threats

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